Helping organizations & individuals to Better navigate change.

In 2019 our paths converged in Vancouver, Canada. We felt connected by a shared interest in bringing goodness into this world and to make it a more meaningful place to live, work, and thrive in. 

Our common bond was a deep desire to help people handle change and transformation mindfully and authentically.

David wanted to nurture organizational creativity. Kai endeavoured to lead with empathy while embedding systemic empathy-driven transformations to cultivate organizational authenticity and people empowering transformations. Michael aimed for transformation that is holistic, positive, and purpose-driven. We quickly realized that our approaches to human and organizational transformation were interconnected. The change we care deeply about and want is one that is people-centred and to be done with compassion and integrity. And the only real transformation that matters is one propelled by purpose and meaning while embracing what makes us human.

We all believed in the power of co-creating with collective curiosity thus we joined forces and combined our diverse backgrounds, common values, eclectic experiences, and multiple skill sets to fuel the makings of Creatific Culture Labs.

Creative Nucleus

Catalyzing Transformations

We believe change comes by way of culture. Organizations that seek change can explore opportunities and learn how to catalyze transformations through the combined powers of creativity, empathy, innovation, and design-thinking mindsets. We later on synthesized this elixir of skills and competencies to be known as Creative Intelligence.

Often, volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business conditions overwhelm and either cause us to react or freeze, instead of choosing how best to respond and adapt. Change often is uncomfortable and ambiguous at start. It is easy to fall into the trap of self-defeating mindsets of feeling lost, disconnected, dis-empowered and defeated. It is difficult to stay clear-eyed when unforeseen challenges show up. Stress swells, and insecurities creep up to steer decisions. 

As we see it, organizational change is rooted in personal change. You can’t do one without an equal focus on the other. They must go hand-in-hand. New habits, cultivating curiosity and resiliency to facilitate new ways of thinking, seeing, agile doing together can only be sustained in an ecosystem that cultivates and nurtures new habits, fresh perspectives, and encourages productive methodologies, creating meaningful impact for both people and organizational/business outcomes.

Culture of Collaboration

As we aim to grow our beyond the three of us, we wanted to model what co-creation and collaborative can do by fostering a culture of like-minded collaborative leaders, partnering with those who are also compelled by integrity to do purpose-driven work with values that resonate with ours.

Our network of creative collaborators, ranging from coaches to design educators to sprint facilitators.

Here are some ways in which we partner with collaborators to offer organizations like yours empowering ways to co-design and co-create ecosystems that can support the ongoing cultivation and nurturing of competencies and skills required to catalyze impactful transformations:
Organizational Strategic Design Services

Organizational Design & Coaching Individual & Team Coaching Start-up Incubator Mentoring Collaborative Leadership Self Leadership Design Thinking Mindset Service & Experience Design Process Design Learning Design Immersive Workshop Facilitation Immersive Workshop Design

Immersive Learning Workshop & Sprints

Agile Creative Problem Solving Mindfulness & Well-being Holistic Empathy in Action Emotional & Social Intelligence Collaborative Leadership Design Thinking Mindset Service Design Doing Rapid Prototyping Design Sprints Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and many more...