Empathy & Curiosity.
The dynamic duo that fuels connection to bring about deepened understanding & new perspectives empowering you to


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

Getting Back to 'SELF'

Connect with your true self. Redefine values & purpose. Reach your potential.

heart-centred vision

Together We Thrive

fostering trust, deepened empathy, and courage for vulnerability to create meaningful relationships

I believe meaningful growth and impact comes by way of self leadership – how we lead ourselves. Our thoughts, feelings and behavioural patterns that determine how we handle situations, how well we adapt, how resilient we are, and consequently what results we produce.

I invest wholeheartedly in helping my clients, by being at your side as a guide, and an equal. 


I believe we are stronger together, we share to learn and discover what we yet have to learn. 

When you choose to work with me,  you are choosing to embrace who you are now, and who you are becoming while seeking truth, understanding, growth, and compassion for self and others.


Glynis Apparel Business Specialist | GlynisTao.com

Kai is a truly compassionate, warm and caring person. As a mindset coach, she has a talent for assessing things in a non-judgmental way, that makes you feel at ease and comfortable to open up to her. I would recommend her to anyone who feels stuck and need support with making big life decisions relating to career and relationships. She asked me thought-provoking questions, which helped to shift my perspective of a situation, to look at it in a different way than I normally would. Many times she empowered me to come up with solutions on my own by establishing trust in my own intuition. After working with her, I feel more positive and hopeful about how I see my future moving forward. The best thing about having Kai as a coach is how she inspires you to overcome past trauma or fears that hold you back and she gives you the confidence to know that you can live a happy and fulfilling life. Thank you, Kai!

Michael Innovation Incubator Coach, Creative Strategist

We sometimes get stuck or feel we can't get past this growth hurdle that helps you bridge the gap between where you are and where you'd like to be. A good coach helps you find the best building blocks to build your own bridge that gets you towards amplified growth. Not by telling you what to do, but by asking the right questions and triggering your own brilliance, allowing for those ideas and thoughts that were hidden before to surface and provide the insight you needed. This may not happen in one session, and it also requires deliberate focus outside the sessions, for me, Kai has been the perfect coach. With the right probing questions and [process] while creating a safe and comfortable space to have a creative dialogue, she brought me further in my awareness and guided me to the clarity I needed to create the next steps that would also hold me accountable for my own work in my desired growth process. It has been super powerful and I'd highly recommend her.

Lauren Business Analyst, Records Management

Kai's coaching helped me to think more creatively about ways to improve my professional life in a tailored, personalized fashion. Her gentle and open style made me feel incredibly comfortable to share and open up, and explore/accept my own ideas. I now have new strategies to approach problems, and new ways to approach thinking about future contexts. Thank you Kai!

Fernanda Head of Tech Programs, Community Builder

Coaching has helped me tounderstand better the current challenges that I am facing and how to move forward. Kai did a great job guiding me through thought-provoking questions while being kind and non-judgemental. I believe it's great to have the opportunity to discuss those road-block in a safe environment with someone that can guide you through the thought the process.

Laura Product Design Leader

Kai's coaching helped me think more creatively about ways to improve my professional life in a tailored, personalized fashion. Her gentle and open style made me feel incredibly comfortable to share and open up, and explore/accept my own ideas. I now have new strategies to approach problems, and new ways to approach thinking about future contexts. Thank you Kai!

Ro Collaboration Specialist, Start-Up Co-Founder

Kai is the kind of person I would always like to talk to. You will feel comfortable talking to her about anything (no matter how hard that memory or problem is) - and you will realize that she really wants to help. As I am talking with her, I know that she will come up with an exercise or a metaphor that will help me uncover the unexpected. I love her approach! She is actively listening and helping you find your own path. I think she is the type of coach you want in your life.

About Me

From Daughter To Caregiver, Advocator & Educator To Coach

The holistic LIVED EXPERIENCE​ I have to offer

I grew up on a hobby farm then a 12-acre blueberry farm, both raising fowls and having our own vegetable gardens. In between I lived mainly between Canada, China and Taiwan, from small towns to big cities. The variety of living experiences facilitated developing capacity to engage with diverse peoples and cultures – leading to deep empathy, cultural intelligence and meeting each person where they are at. 

I experienced the beginnings of one of the hardest life transitions as an adult, while living in Singapore about to move to Makati, Philippines. 

A nine year relationship had abruptly been ended by my partner at the time while I had just discovered that my dad needed me back home, that he likely was suffering from onset dementia. With only my one large suitcase of essentials, I made the move back home to Vancouver.

The day I returned to Vancouver, the 2010 Olympics had just started two days before. Life was a daze. It took me 2 months to finally settle in my own place and begin the long arduous journey of becoming my dad’s caregiver, advocate and guardian. What a steep learning curve it had been. My father passed away in late 2013, I began to experience deep grieving then, the loss of my sense of family and the many roles that no longer existed. Daughter, caregiver, advocate, sense of family…  everything in my life felt and looked different.

I began to search for new paths, which lead me to becoming an avocator, trainer and workshop facilitator of creative and empathetic problem solving, Design Thinking and Service Design Thinking. A few clients recommended that I look up coaching as they felt I was already a natural at coaching, and successfully doing so too. 

Fast forward to 2021. The pandemic had meant a lot more down time than I had anticipated. I was facing mental and emotional blocks I couldn’t figure out how to work beyond. I decided to take the risk and go back to school and get formally trained as a coach, since coaching is a natural fit with being a Service Designer, helping to integrate and support the full design, development, and implementation process. 

I graduated from UBC’s Organizational Coaching certificate program (ICF accredited) while having co-founding a startup specialized in holistic organizational and service design and people development. The three of us co-founders wanted a way to try testing out our collective passion project. I’m now in the early stages of building my own private coaching practice while being a practitioner of service design. 

The Collateral Beauty

working while caregiving/advocating for loved ones with dementia

It’s a uniquely challenging experience to care and advocate for aging loved ones dealing with dementia. It challenges our capacity for self care ontop of caring for loved ones, staying sane and grounded in order to not get overwhelmed by the changes in our loved ones. It requires being able to live and work with shifts in identity and who we are in a parallel, being able to adapt with agility, increase our resiliency and amplify our ability for unconditional love and deep empathy in order to navigate the complexities. I provide the much needed safe place to help bring clarity, increase your capacity to process, grieve, and shift from just coping to navigating with purpose and deeper empathy, for yourself and your loved one.

The DTES Response Project | 2020

“When it became obvious that COVID-19 was a threat to the already vulnerable residents, a handful of community advocates sprang into action. They knew that frequent hand washing was one of the most important ways to combat COVID-19 — however, how do you wash your hands if you don’t even…

8C’s of Effective Business Communication

8C’s of Effective Business Communication Effective business communication requires a tremendous amount of consideration for the audience. Utilizing the 8 C’s of business communication in any writing situation will help you to be more effective. Consideration – Give careful thought and attention to your audience in order to build goodwill.…

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

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Holistic Growth for Wellbeing

I do things differently, because I want better for us, creating the right environment to facilitate and accelerate your growth for meaningful transformations through coach-approach practices. I offer holistic approaches to growth and transformation with my clients. By consistently expanding ourselves for the good self and others, we can help others grow exponentially.
Self-awareness & improved relationships
Self leadership
Increased performance & productivity