Who & Why

our Global team

We are creatific

David Newman​

Co-Founder | Canada

Creativity Alchemist, Team Coach, Speaker​

Kaishin Chu

Co-Founder | Canada

Service Design & Development Strategist & Facilitator, Certified Organizational Coach​, and Self-Leadership Coach

Michael Smits

Co-Founder | Spain

Innovation & Wellbeing Strategist & Coach, Exponential Transformation Consultant, And Solution Lab Consultant CMHC​​

Dr David Newman has played in and experienced many different creative spaces and modalities in different countries and context. His life mission now is unleashing the creative potential in others.
David has a diverse range of training and credentials that encompass coaching, both individuals and teams, creativity, and facilitation. He is a Certified Administrator of the Basadur Creativity Profile. He has run creativity workshops and provided keynote speeches in a number of countries. Alongside Creatific Culture Labs, David also teaches creativity at the University of British Columbia.
Kai is a seasoned creative strategist, designer, a certified Organizational Coach (ICF certified training from University of British Columbia), and a self-leadership coach specialized in helping individuals and teams cultivate holistic empathy driven design-thinking mindsets and mind-body well-being to amplify capacity for change, shifting from coping to thriving forward. Employees who thrive at their work go to facilitate thriving organizations. 
She has been fortunate to have partnered and collaborated with purpose-driven organizations in designing and facilitating learning-by-doing workshops to empower teams to lead with empathy and resilience while facilitating cumulative change that leads to transformation.

Through her diverse experiences while living overseas at various points in her life, she discovered the key to creativity with impact is the need for deepened holistic empathy. Cultivating the empathetic design thinking mindset fuels our capacity for better creativity, innovation, resiliency and so much more.


Michael is an Innovation Coach, Business and Startup Mentor, Workplace Happiness & Well-Being Strategist and an accredited Solution Lab Consultant with a focus on helping organizations turn business pains and inquiries into strategic growth opportunities and actionable next steps.
He partners with people and teams through a holistic and analytical lens in order to facilitate impactful solutions with alignment of stakeholder needs and business goals – transforming organizational cultures to place purpose, people, and impactful innovation at the heart.
Michael has been privileged with diverse experiences worldwide from executive positions in corporate and private organizations to helping solve humanitarian & human rights challenges in conflict-affected countries. He started his life’s work in the Netherlands and other European countries, and have spent a half of his professional career living and working in Central and Southeast Asia, North America, and Australia.

our vision

Catalyzing Transformations

We believe change comes by way of culture. Organizations that seek change can explore opportunities and learn how to catalyze transformations through the combined powers of creativity, empathy, innovation, and design-thinking mindsets. We later on synthesized this elixir of skills and competencies to be known as Creative Intelligence.
Often, volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business conditions overwhelm and either cause us to react or freeze, instead of choosing how best to respond and adapt. Change often is uncomfortable and ambiguous at start. It is easy for people to fall into the trap of self-defeating mindsets of feeling disconnected, dis-empowered and defeated. 
As we see it, organizational change is rooted in personal change. You can’t do one without an equal focus on the other. They must go hand-in-hand. Cultivating creative intelligence to facilitate resiliency allows for new ways of thinking, seeing, and agile doing-together. These can only be sustained in an ecosystem that cultivates and nurtures new habits, fresh perspectives, and encourages productive methodologies, creating meaningful impact for both people and organizational/business outcomes.

our beginning

Creative Nucleus

In 2019 our paths converged in Vancouver, Canada. We felt connected by a shared interest in bringing goodness into this world and to make it a more meaningful place to live, work, and thrive in. 
Our common bond was a deep desire to help people handle change and transformation mindfully and sustainably.
David wanted to nurture organizational creativity. Kai endeavoured to lead with empathy while embedding systemic empathy-driven change to cultivate organizational authenticity and holistic people empowering transformations. Michael aimed for transformation that is holistic, positive, and purpose-driven. We quickly realized that our approaches to human and organizational transformation were interconnected.
The change we care and want deeply is one that is people-centred and to be created with empathy and integrity. And the only real transformation that matters is one propelled by purpose and meaning while embracing what makes us human.