8C's of Effective Business Communication

Effective business communication requires a tremendous amount of consideration for the audience. Utilizing the 8 C’s of business communication in any writing situation will help you to be more effective.
  1. Consideration – Give careful thought and attention to your audience in order to build goodwill. Determine and be clear on who your stakeholders are. (Refer to your 5P/5UG + Stakeholder Mapping)
  2. Clear – Ensure that the information is presented clearly.
  3. Concise – Be concise. Do not lose the message by being ‘long-winded’.
  4. Correct – Be accurate, avoid giving misleading information. Stick to facts and observations and stay away from biased thoughts/feelings.
  5. Complete – Give all the information, not just part of it.
  6. Courteous – Be polite and non-threatening. Avoid making assumptions and pass judgement which will cause conflict.
  7. Constructive – Be positive, avoid being critical and negative
  8. Confidence – Demonstrate professionalism, competence, and clear thinking. When you write with confidence, your audience will have confidence in you.

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